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Level 13

Q&A from the brownbag technical session Wednesday November 18th.

‑­cathy tebo­ asked:

Q: ­and what is the minimum OS and minimum SQL version for MVM 6.8?­

A:  Windows 2003 and SQL 2005.

‑­David Zeichick­ asked:

Q: ­I have from my sales rep that 6.8 is an upgrade of SQL Server from 2000 to 2005.  Is this correct?­

A:  If you are asking if 6.8 requires SQL 2005 that is correct and also the 6.7 requirement. The last version that supported both SQL 2000 and 2005 was MVM 6.5.

‑­cathy tebo­ asked:

Q: ­ if they really didn;t want to buy new hardware, it could be run on 1850?­

A:  Yes 6.8 is supported on the Dell 1850 platform.

‑­cathy tebo­ asked:

Q: ­even though I like the larger ram and hard drive space­

A:  Same as above.


‑­David Zeichick­ asked:

Q: ­Do we still need to use IE for full functionality of the new UI?  Or can we now use other browsers?­

A:  The only browser that is officially supported and offers full functionality is Internet Explorer.


‑­mark baggett­ asked:

Q: ­Planned enhancements for Web vulnerability scanning?   When can we scan by host name instead of IP address (which is mostly useless)?­

A:  The MVM product has always been able to scan by hostname.


‑­phanindra Voram­ asked:

Q: ­what is the best process for installing 6.8.x from 6.5.6 ?  Upgrade or Fresh Installation­

A:  That depends on if you want to preserve your scan configurations and historical data. If you want to preserve that data I suggest you upgrade. If you don’t care about that data you might consider a fresh installation.


‑­Chris Smith­ asked:

Q: ­What reporting capabilities are there for remediation tickets with 6.8?  Can I run reports on rem. tickets assigned to particular users?­

A:  At this time NO, there is no reporting for remediation tickets.  There is an open Feature Modification Request to add remediation reporting functionality to a future version.  The FMR # is (413443) , and I’ve added your name as a requesting party.


‑­charles millsaps­ asked:

Q: ­our fs1000's have sql20005 already and have read the upgrade installation.  I just didint' know if there was something else I should be aware of­

A:  As long as you have followed all of the preparation in our documentation for the 6.8 upgrade you shouldn’t have any issues.

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