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OS Fingerprinting misidentification.

I have a client that ran a scan on two W2k8 machines. One of them is coming up as Vista. This is not a major issue, would just like to understand what the scanner uses to do OS fingerprinting and where the error lies.

I have verified that the machine in question is in fact W2k8...

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Re: OS Fingerprinting misidentification.

OS Fingerprinting is done through a series of port probes to determine a finger pint of the system. That fingerprint is then compared to a set of fingerprints who's OS we have identified. This works great in a static environment but since its very dependent on what ports are reachable, what patch level you OS is at, plus a few other factors it can sometimes need a little fine tuning. We do have a tool to help this fine tuning. Its a simple utility that will produce a fingerprint of your OS which we will then add to our fingerprint list.

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