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New Discovered Vulnerabilities


is there any way to report newly discovered vulnerabilities appeared between scan 1 ( i.e. last quarter 2013 ) and  scan 2 ( current scan Q1 2014 ).


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Re: New Discovered Vulnerabilities

Not sure on your data size but you could dump both into csvs then use excel.

On one sheet, you paste the 2013 Q4 data

On another sheet you  paste the 2014 Q1 data.

on the q1 tab add a column to the right of the data.
here is the algorithm for the formula.

if the  MVID  on "this line" appears on the 2013 q4 sheet, then New =No, else new =Yes.

[2 apprachoaches for determining if "this MVID" is on the 2013 q4 sheet:

(1)count of "this MVID" on the 2013 q4 sheet >0(see excel countifs function)


(2)I can successfully lookup "this MVID" on the 2013 q4 sheet in the MVID column(see excel vlookup function in conjunction with the IFERROR function-this is faster than countif/countifs)

OR you could just do a sql query to compare the scan results and spit out what is in one and not the other-probably the preferred method if you have a ton of data-plus it helps that the DB Schema is available!

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