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Need assistance with Compliance Scans

I set up the scan and provided credentials to the system being scaned but the report keeps on returning "Insufficient access to target, processing for this target stopped".  I am trying to use the MVM as a way to check compliance with our Agency's minimum configuration standards.  I am a rookie MVM user and have had little formal training, most of what I know is through trial and error, with emphisis on errors. 

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Re: Need assistance with Compliance Scans

Hi dpuckett,

by increasing the log level, you should get better diagnostic messages written to the daily log (~Foundstone\Logs\LogFile.<date>.txt

1. Run Regedit

2. Navigate to:


** if the key "Tweaks" doesn't exist, create it. **

3.  Add the following Key:

LogWam DWORD Value 'ff'

Re-run your scan - no need to restart any services.

Examine the daily log file.  Search for the user you configured in the Credentails interface, and you should see any failure mesages. 

For help reading the log, please open a Service Request.


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