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Moved from FS1000 to engine is gone...

We had an FS1000 and we got an MVM3000

I followed the docs and stopped the FS services and detached the DB on the FS1000. Moved the files over to the MVM3000, gave it same iP as old FS1000, and successfully attached the DB.

I can log into Foundstone and see all my scans and settings...

But the engine is an issue.

It said it was an FS1000 and refused to the start. ..

(And this is where I think I screwed up)..

Figuring we were now on an MVM3000, I figured i could just delete the one called FS1000 and add a new I deleted the existing one and so I have no engines defined, and I can't add a new one (i get error "Engine data is not currently available. Contact your Foundstone  administrator.")...and i get that error when logged in as the global admin... (see screenshot attached

Any idea how to fix it?

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Re: Moved from FS1000 to engine is gone...

Please open a Service Request to pursue this.

To find the appropriate telephone number to contact McAfee Technical Support, go to: Non US customers select your country from the list of Worldwide Offices.

Alternatively, log a case in the Service Portal via See KB56409 for instructions on creating a case in the ServicePortal.

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