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MVM vs Nessus/SecurityCenter?

My corporation is considering either MVM or Nessus/SecurityCenter for our network vuln scanning needs, and I'm attempting to put together a comparison and presentation for my management. I've found the following link that lists out the capabilities of Tenable's offeringings in a concise, well-formatted manner"

However, I can't find any comparable document from McAfee. The only things I can find are descriptive overview documents that don't so much give feature listings but rather a high-level view of MVM's capabilities. Could someone point me to a similar resource or perhaps respond with what MVM can/cannot do based on Tenable's document?

Many thanks!

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Re: MVM vs Nessus/SecurityCenter?

I would recommend reaching out to each vendor's sales team and asking them to do a demo-they do this all the time.
I Also recommend comparing some more solutions to see what best fits your vuln mgmt strategy- I think two is too few.

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