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MVM scan editor settings loads forever for some users

I am able to work and load the scan settings, I can log into the MVM page with other users credentials and load the scan settings.  I can do the same from 3 different machines, and on the server that MVM is installed on without a problem.  Other users can log in and get the edit scan page, when they click on "settings" it changes to the setting page but the loading bar in the upper right goes forever (overnight at least) and the page never loads.

Have already tried deleting the user profile, on the PC and the server, doesn't have an effect.

Have tried deleting the user in MVM and recreating them, doesn't have an effect.

Have rebooted the server, doesn't have an effect.

Any ideas?  nothing in the event log, foundstone log entries look the same for a user that doesn't work and for me when it works.

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