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MVM Report - Remediation Summary

I'm still reasonably new to MVM, so apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere or is covered in an existing report that I have yet to locate.

While we are responsible for vulnerability assessment, remediation (and prioritization of those efforts) exists outside of our group.

Having a report that shows which remediation efforts have the greatest impact would be very helpful.

A competing vulnerability assessment product includes such a report.

The general message is "Performing these 10 actions will remediate X issues on Y assets".

Depending on the audience, a report that simply states "Apply Latest Update for [Product Name]" is easier to digest than a lengthy list of applicable updates.

Presented in a Top 10 format, it becomes clear where remediation efforts should be focused.

Granted, it's possible to manually distill this information from existing scan reports... but having a regularly scheduled report distributed from MVM would be ideal.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Re: MVM Report - Remediation Summary

You may want to check the McAfee templates in ePO using the MVMLive extension. There seems to be some options regarding the area of your request. I agree that MVM (and hence ePO) itself does only provide information about "delta", but that includes information about "removed systems" as well, as the vulnerabilities would reduce respectively. Anyway, system decommissioning is a remediation matter, right?

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