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MVM Live queries failing in ePO 5.1

Let me give the backend story. 2 weeks ago we noticed that API services had stopped working in MVM. After ALOT of investigation, the solution was to wipe the OS and reinstall the OS & MVM. That fixed the API issue.

In MVM I registered the ePO database under the Manage tab, Data sources. I have registered the MVM Live (database) and MVM in ePO 5.1 in registered servers. I have patched loaded the ePO integration extensions for ePO 5.1 that is located at C:\**\MVM Install and Patches\MVM-7.5.0-ePOExtension-Bld199\program files\McAfee\Vulnerability Manager Extension for ePO\Extensions\

I have created server tasks for Vulnerability Manager Data Import (Delta), and have kicked off a MVM First Vulnerability Scan to see results in ePO Queries.

Now....Here is my issue...

MVM Queries work fine....pulls recent data...

It is the MVM Live Queries that fail with errors, but ePO IS seeing MVM Live

This is what happens when ANY MVM Live query is run ...

I am open to any and all feedback, I have reached out to our Intel Rep for support too, but haven't heard anything back yet.

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