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MVM 7.5 Scanning Engine FS Account Issue

Hi, I am installing McAfee Vulnerability Manager Scanning Engine on a Windows 2008 R2 64-bit virtual machine. When installing I select "run as administrator" and yes the account that I am installing from is a local admin account. The installation goes well without any errors or warnings. When done it asks me to reboot the server.

As soon as the server reboots, the scanning engine service is assigned to the .\FS account and cannot start as the automatically created account does not have the necessary privileges. Manually assigning the FS account to the Administrator group and granting it "log on as a service" right temporary does the trick but the FASL Scripts Folder is missing from the Foundstone installation directory ! Rebooting the server automatically takes away the FS service account "Administrators" group membership as well as the "log on as a service" right and the scanning engine service cannot start due to the FS account lacking privileges ! Your help is greatly needed ! Thank you in advance.

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