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Level 9

MVM 7.0 Unable to delete scans

I'll probably open a ticket on this in the afternoon but wanted to see in the meantime if anyone else ran into this.

Trying to clean up some of my pre-production scans but whenever I try to Delete a scan I get the error "This scan cannot be deleted at this time. "  Scans are definitely inactive, all were set to run immediately.  I'm deleting them because the devices are now a part of my weekly production scans.

Anyone else unable to delete scans?

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Level 9

Re: MVM 7.0 Unable to delete scans

Update in case anyone else runs into this:

Turns out even though I was getting an error saying it couldn't delete the scans they were actually getting deleted.  Same thing happened with trying to Launch a scan, I'd get an error stating it was already in use, yet it would get scanned.

In the end this turned out to be an issue with only on Firefox.  Works fine in IE 6-8 and since Firefox isn't officially supported in MVM 7 I'll just have to deal with the nonsensical error messages until it's officially supported in a future release.

Thanks Cathy for helping me out on this.

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