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MAC OS Identification with Vulnerability Manager


I know this topic has previously been discussed but in our environment, we are still not statisfied with the OS detection rates for flavours of MAC OS. I was hoping that other users of the product could share with us their techniques for identifying Mac OS machines in their environment.

The previous postings here have not been sufficient for us for whatever reason.



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Re: MAC OS Identification with Vulnerability Manager

I completely agree gearoid! I've been having trouble getting MVM to authenticate to Mac's running OS X 10.6 and come to find out MVM does not support this version yet. I opened up a SR after I came across KB53051 thinking it probably just needed to be updated and the support person confirmed for me it's not supported yet (SR# 3-1491492983). I've also opened a PER at the request of support, but it would probably help if you submitted one too.

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