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How do I ...

perform task X or workflow Y using MVM/Foundstone?

Dear MVM customers,

For the next brownbag session, we plan to hold a training session to walk you through steps that will help you accomplish various tasks.   We will start with the new features that we introduced in 6.8, but would love to hear from you on the type of tasks/workflows/reports that you would like us to talk about.

We invite you to list your queries here and vote for the ones that are most relevant to you.  We will have a product expert do a demo/walkthrough of the most popular requests.  Anything that we can't do today will be converted into FMRs.



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Re: How do I ...

Here is my input .

1 .How can I consolidate the remediation tickets so that they can be grouped by Vulnerability or by Server Or by Owner .Due to absense of any such feature ,one ends up having 50-100 tickets for one unpatched server and he has to update each ticket one by one .

2 .How can I verify tickets in bulk .Right now I have to open each ticket and verify it one by one .I should have the option to verify all of my tickets in bulk and tickets should closed for which vuln. is verified .

3 .How can I get a Remediation Activity report ( how many tickets per scan were generated ,how many closed ,how many open ,how many false positive etc.)

4.How can I get Audit Report ( Stating the configuration change activities by FS Administrators)

5.How can I get Top 15 Vulnerable Machines from all data Or from an existing Scan (this one is available but as a part of full report)

6.How can I get a report stating all of my scans and the corresponding findings i.e how many Hi ,medium and low risk vulns. were found .

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