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Heartbleed : Is 16542 redundant if 16505 is active?

Hello All,

We have been provided a report of Heartbleed affected servers and observed that each server is listed twice with the following 2 entries

Entry 1 : Vul ID : 16505 -

    - the Heartbleed bug


Entry 2 : Vul ID : 16542 -

    (HPSBMU02998) HP System Management Homepage; Multiple vulnerabilities are present in some versions of HP System Management Homepage.

   CVE-2014-0160 CVE-2013-4353 CVE-2013-6449 CVE-2013-6450

Please advise if 16542 can be termed as redundant (i.e. treat as duplicate) when 16505 is already active. Thanks.

(I know no knowledge of McAfee)


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