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Foundstone Integration with SiteMinder

When Siteminder has been integrated with Foundstone, is it possible to log into FS without going through Site Minder?   I cant seem to identify how one would select the FS Global organization, or in the event that there is an issue with Site Minder, and one needs to log in directly to Foundstone.

It may be a remedial question, but the only documentation I can find is in the installation instructions.

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Level 13

Re: Foundstone Integration with SiteMinder

Hi Roy,

When you login as FSGlobal/GlobalAdmin you bypass SSO entirely.

There isn't a simple "Diable SSO" switch.  So, if you ran into Siteminder problems you'd have to disable the SSO tweak + config.ini settings to revert back to normal FS Logins.

I hope that's clear?


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