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Foundstone 6.8 PDF reports now in single format. How to change back to multiple files?

One new feature in Foundstone 6.8 is the introduction of single file PDF reports.  I have noticed when doing a large number of hosts, the PDF format will go back to being made up of multiple smaller PDF files linked together.  But if your scan only deals with a few hosts, the entire report is now in a single PDF file.  Is there a way to force Foundstone to always generate the PDF scan reports in to multiple PDF files?  One for each section of the report like in Foundstone 6.5 and lower?  Thanks

Like this:


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Re: Foundstone 6.8 PDF reports now in single format. How to change back to multiple files?

Yes there is a registry tweak to enable this option.  On the report server you will need to open the registry and go to this key.


and add this DWORD


Open the DWORD you just created and add one of the below two entries.

0x00 - Do not force multi-file PDF (Default)
0x01 - Force multi-file PDF (do not attempt to render a single PDF file)

I've attacked a screen shot of what this would look like.

If you are not familiar with modifying the registry please open up a service request so we can assist you.

For contact  details:

-  Go to:
-  Non-US customers - select your country from the list of  Worldwide Offices.

Log in to the  ServicePortal at:

-   If you are a registered user, type your User Id and Password and click  OK.
-  If you are not a registered user, click New User and complete  the required fields. Your password and login instructions will be  emailed to you.

Jeff Haynes

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