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Failed Host Discovery

We had a strange occurrence happen this morning and I was just wondering whether anyone had experienced this in the past.

We often run client requested Intrusive scans on specific systems and provide the system owner with a report. This morning, we were running such a scan against 2 targets. During this scan, we attempted to launch a second similar scan against a different system. Both scans were being run from the same scanner. We've done this in the past without any issues. However, this morning, the Host Discovery of the second scan returned that no system was discovered, and therefore the scan completed with no results. We were able to ping the target from the scanner and the target responded, however the Echo Request in the scan failed, and we tried a couple of times. We only have our Host Discovery set for Echo Request as we normally have no problems discovering systems this way.

Once the first scan was completed, we re-ran the second scan, and the host discovery was successful and the scan completed.

Is there an issue with running multiple scans at once? Again, we've done this in the past (and with much more targets) and had no problems.

We have a multi-system configuration where our EM, DB and Scanner all reside on separate systems (FS-1000s). We are currently running version 6.5 but have purchased MVM300s and will be upgrading in the near future.

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