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Level 9

Discovering/identifying NAS/SAN devices

Can MVM/Foundstone discover/fingerprint/identify NAS or SAN devices?  If not, any idea what they show up as?

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Level 13

Re: Discovering/identifying NAS/SAN devices

We have IDs for a few SAN/NAS devices. It all depends on what you are scanning. If you have access to some devices you think we may not have in our database then you could request and use the ScanMachine tool from Tier III and run a quick test against them and report the results back.

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Level 11

Re: Discovering/identifying NAS/SAN devices


You have the ability to scan any IP-based system that is connected to a network reachable by Foundstone. Custom fingerprints can be added to the product for new devices or you could leverage FSL to write a custom script to potentially identify new systems too. Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

Team McAfee at Ciphent

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