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Disable False Positive in MVM 7.5

Is there a way to disable false positives in MVM 7.5

In report it shows that certain systems/servers are missing a patch even though the patch was installed on those systems.

How this notification can be disabled/cancelled.


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Re: Disable False Positive in MVM 7.5

The way it's working in the environment is, MVM is working along with MRA(Risk Advisor) in ePO.

MRA is generating that false positive. When it runs report it generates the false positive that it thinks it gets from MVM.

MRA runs the report based on all other McAfee products that's reporting to ePO.

So a certain Check ID 17492 that it gets from MVM, it reports that as vulnerable. It's regarding Microsoft KB3013126 Patch (MS14-085).

When running the report separately only on MVM it does not produce that vulnerability at all, only MRA does it.

Any suggestions?

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