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Different Foundscore/Summary in Scan Report and custom Report

Hi there,

after building a new MVM 7.5 setup with appliances (MVM2100, 3100 and 3200) I noticed a difference in the shown results when looking at the scan reports and custom reports.

The scan is configured to scan various public networks belonging to one of our customers. From the scanned addresses only a part were active.

The scan report of this scan shows all configured networks, all scanned addresses and all active ones, the part is called "Discovered Hosts", right after "Foundscore Summary"

The custom report is based on that scan report. It is basically just there to take the scan report and send it to some email addresses not belonging to any of the MVM users. Thus I expected to see the same results in both reports.

The custom report however shows a higher foundscore. It also shows "Asset Details" instead of "Discovered Hosts", resulting in only a part of the scanned networks beeing listed.

I tried to experiment with different settings for the custom report genereation, but I was not able to get a report which shows the same score than the scan report itself.

Can anyone explain to me what is causing that difference and how I can change that?

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