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Level 7

Creating New Credential Set Issue


I have an issue when I try to create a new credential set to test someting on Foundstone.

Although I follow the procedure showed in Help Notes, I keep receiving the following error message:

"Your credential set contains no credentials"

Here is the funny thing since I give correctly a unique name for that credential set but also for the username to be used. I also use a password (complicate enough) without mistyping anything...

The same issue I had when I was trying to create a new credential set for Unix. I was selecting the Certificate only option along with SSHv2 only. And here, there is no point of adding any password since I want to use the Certificates generated for such thing without the use of any passphrase! It would be lack of security anyway because on SSHv2 password flies unencrypted!

It may be something stupid that I have missed but right now I could be ok with the potential embarassment

Thank you!!

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Level 13

Re: Creating New Credential Set Issue

Hi Argyris,

From a later post you made it sounds like you've already gotten around this issue?  I'm curious if you figured out what the problem was?



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Level 7

Re: Creating New Credential Set Issue

Hi and apologies for my late response!

Yes, I figured out what the solution was. And I confirm it was somethig stupid...

Foundstone Enterprise Console appears not to work equally well in Firefox as in IE (not 9 as it appears to experience a few issues in that version). After trying IE 8, I had no issue at all anymore.

So, only IE with Foundstone to be sure. And personally, I would use only IE8

Thank you

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