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Combining Multiple CSV Reports

Hello All,

We create 10+ scan every month for host discovery with scan names that shows what type of scan it is for what area/region/zone.

Once the scans are completed, we manually download all 10+ reports and combine CSV reports (network_assets.csv) file for all of them and add a custom column showing the area/region/zone the scan result belongs to.

Is there a way to create to automate this with Generate Asset Reports OR Generate Scan Reports:

  1. So that it can combine all the scans reports can be combine in one report ?
  2. Also, that the scan name can be added as a custom column in the start of the report or end of the report ?

Please let me know if there are any questions or suggestions around my query.

Best Regards,


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Re: Combining Multiple CSV Reports

If you name them with a common name you can create an asset report based on scan name.

Let's say you have 10 scans..

Name scan one "myscan-1", scan two "my scan-2", and so on, replacing "my scan" with whatever you want to call it.

Then you can create an asset report using condition contains "my scan"

This wil combine all scans into one report. The only way i can think of to cross reference the scan names with the hosts involved in excel and do a vlookup as an addtional column in the csv to return the scan name from the scan name-host list you previously created.

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