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Changes necessary for scanning Windows 7, Server 2008

I am confused a bit by the two KB articles that describe how to configure a Windows 7 system for scanning via MVM.

KB52601 gives most of the info

KB67914 talks about the appropriate user.  It first says emphatically that the user must be the local administrator (an account that needs to be enabled.)  And then it says that the access control can be edited on these operating systems to allow a classic type of functionality that would allow Vuln. Manager to perform remote assessment with an account other than the administrator account.

I'm guessing this statement takes precedence over the emphatic statements earlier in the article?

In other words, if I set

local users authenticate as themselves

disable remote UAC

          enable file and printer sharing

          enable remote registry service and set it to automatic

and user a user in the local administrators group, that will be sufficient?  How will I be able to tell if this is working or not?


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