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virus scan extended download protection

I just renewed my online subscription to Virus Scan Plus and have now been told I should have ordered something called "Extended Download Protection" in the event I have to reinstall after 30 days. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere when I renewed. If I don't have this extended protection, I apparently will not be able to download, if needed, after this period. Is this true? I paid for a full year and if my computer crashes 6 months from now, I should be able to redownload without charge. Could someone please tell me what to do? Thank you!
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RE: virus scan extended download protection

I didn't realise "Extended Download Protection" still existed...

What you downloaded McAfee, to install on your machine - what was the name of the file you downloaded?

Normally, once you install McAfeee, and register with your e-mail address and a password of you choosing, an account is created for you on the McAfee website. Normally you should be able to download/install from your My Account for the whole duration of your subscription.

*but* we're all Tech Support guys here... If you want to be sure about anything regarding subscriptions and stuff, we do strongly advise to doublecheck with McAfee Customer Service.
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customer service


please click on the link below to get information about mcafee customer service.
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