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very slow scanning

I've had McAfee for years and for the first time, I cannot run a full scan. It ran normally and then when it got to 31% (my documents) it slowed down to a virtual crawl. It ran for 5 1/2 hrs. before it got to 32% and was still scanning documents. This would take forever. Usually a full scan takes an hour or so. I had to stop the scan and it took quite awhile to stop it and log out. The system slowed down. By the way, the 31% didn't detect anything wrong. I don't know what's going on. I wonder if it would run ok if I do just a custom scan and leave out scanning documents? My internet runs normally other than this scanning problem. Any ideas?

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Re: very slow scanning

You need to finde out which file is slowing it down so much, maybe archive or something, or just remove docs to other destination for example in local disk d and see how that affects.

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Re: very slow scanning

No solution for you---I had the same problem last week.  Used the CHAT facility and was told I had an infection which turned out to be untrue.  It was jusdt a way for the operator to terminate the session I think.

Unintalled and reinstalled.  Still have the same issue today and CHAT not responding.

RAM useage is 100% and the machine will not respond the CTRL ALT DEL---I can hear it going to disk every 15 seconds and nothing works effectively.

I have reached the end of my tether with this product and not about to spend my time diagnosing it for them.

I would do as I am about to do.

Remove Mc Afee and replace it with the free Microsoft essentials product.  Has no noticeable impact on performance and in my case( I tried it last week before I thought I'd give McAfee one last try) it found issues that were mised by McAfee.

Now I have a job since I run 9 licenses for this product that I will have to spend time undoing.  I really didn't need this at this time of year.

Best of luck with your choice  try and you'll see that McAfee is very much an 'also ran' product---I only persisted with it since I had so many licenses and it was what I would term 'adequate'

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