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suggestion to improve McAfee virus scan engine

first you are the best, for me, even it is a little bet late detecting Trojans and spyware, sometimes I submit the files, but you still the best for me.
maybe it stupid but I hope you can consider it.

1- if it is possible to detect remote desktop as PUP

2- if it is possible to remove harmless keygens and patches from the database, as there are a lot of them, detected as generic.dx, maybe it helps to be faster, or at least an option for harmless KeyGens and patched like PUP if we want to detect it or not, or move it to PUP category

3- Add an option to detect only virus work on the current OS, i.e. if I'm using windows XP x86 and there is a virus works only in windows vista x64, or windows mobile 6.1 or symbian OS there is no need to detect it.

but if so for 2 and 3 please remove it from the RAM load, as I noticed if I removed PUP detection McShield.exe will still occupied the same amount of RAM.

I think this can improve the Engine, since 5300 it mak a temp file, but still everything load in memory

hope someone like these stupid Ideas and pass them to McAfee, maybe if you understand it have a better expression to pass it
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RE: suggestion to improve McAfee virus scan engine

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