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Level 7

splash screen


    Since the Mcafee splash screen does'nt appear for about two

minutes and twenty seconds after my computer boots up, am I

protected before it appears or do I have to wait to go online till

it shows up? I noticed also that my tray icon for Mcafee will not

display its' name until the screen appears.



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Level 10

Re: splash screen

What is the operating system u hav (windows xp , windows vista or windows 7).

It depends on your ram memory size and the startup options that are enabled . to check the ram size go to start > right click "computer(my computer)" then select properties .

if you want to have mcafee displayed  whenever system boots then try to click  go to Start > Run (or press Windows-R) > type " msconfig " then the startup tab at the extreme right u can enable mcafee services there but before doing that make sure u hav higher ram memory size  . so that system wont slowdown when system is started .

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