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scheduled scan does not start on schedule


I am having this problem. I scheduled a full scan once a week, Sunday 11.30pm. however, the scan never starts...

my laptop was on and i was not working on it... I have also unchecked the option to wait till PC is idle.

there used to be a way to modify the registry to make it run on schedule. but now i can't seems to modify it to keep the scan on schedule.

any other solutions?

I am using windows 8 64-bit, running Mcafee internet security 2013 (security center version 11.6 (build 11.6.511) / VirusScan version 15.6 (build 15.6.245)

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Re: scheduled scan does not start on schedule

Moved to VirusScan for better handling.

There was a bug with one version that caused severe delays in scheduling.   I'm wondering if you shouldn't try to get the most up to date version possible by doing the following:

Uninstall all McAfee in the normal manner.      How to Uninstall, Change, or Repair a Program in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Run the MCPR Cleanup Tool and reboot.

Go to your online account and download a fresh copy from there.

The latest version doesn't have this bug and it also is more Windows 8 friendly for those with touch screens etc.

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