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scanning took 5 hours after update yesterday

I was updated yesterday to 11- no problems, tonight my scan is taking over 5 hours. Should I just wait and see if it straightens itself out or change a setting. Thanks poodles5

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Re: scanning took 5 hours after update yesterday

You're not alone....   Two weeks ago, a day after I received an 11.0.-560 update to Security Center and 15.0.288 to Virus Scan in McAfee Internet Security 2011, a full scan of my hard drive went from just over an hour to more than 4 hours on a PC that was otherwise idle with nothing showing on the task bar.  And it's stayed that way for two weeks.  Even the startup scan now runs half an hour instead of 5-10 minutes.  There have been no other changes (at least of that magnitude) on the PC, give or take some new (but small) files like pictures, email, etc.  MBAM continues to run in about the same elapsed times as it always has, so it seems to be directly related to the McAfee upgrade.  MVT, of course, does not find any problem....

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