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scanning tonight still going on

I was so surprised tonight when my regular scan began at 5pm, it is now 11:15pm and it is still scanning-it is at 75%-I .  had an upgrade yesterday and an update- this seems strange to me. security center version is 10.5.221-data version 6217-build 14.5.130- scanned files so far total-108891-I will let it finish- I set it to turn off if nothing is found- so far that has not worked for me. ok, tonight scan began at 5:15, finished at 7:44 - files scanned 186522. Nothing found, ran like it did before last night. Really strange, but it seems ok now-

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Re: scanning tonight still going on

Hey Poodles5,

Please clarify the following:

1.    What is the size of your Hard Disk Drive?

2.    What is the current DAT/Engine version of your McAfee programs?

3.    When you say it’s still scanning at 75% - is it stuck on any particular file – If yes, please specify the name and the location of the file name

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Re: scanning tonight still going on

Hi- hard disk is 80 gb- I have only used half of it- dat version 6218- scanning tonight as I stated went smoothly as far as I can tell, all my  hours scans take at least 3 hours- Is this not normal? last night was only the second time it took over 7-I did not notice if it was stuck on any particular section- if it happens again I will check--if I know what to look for-it did not seem  stuck, just very slow however I probably did not know what to watch for to report-

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Re: scanning tonight still going on

Hi poodles5,

You could Turn off the Scan Using Minimal Computer Resources option and see if the scan speed increases. Moreover, if its the first time you scan your computer , it may take longer as VirusScan could be caching, which allows safe files to be cached in memory, so they won't need to be scanned by subsequent scans. Thus, the subsequent scans will run faster     


  1. Double-click the M icon in your taskbar.
  2. From McAfee SecurityCenter, expand Virus and Spyware Protection.
  3. Click Scan Your PC.
  4. On the Scan Your PC page, click Run a custom scan.
  5. Under Settings, deselect Scan using minimal resources.

When you disable Scan Using Minimal Computer Resources, your scan speed should increase.

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Dinesh K

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