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scan hangs at 99% again weeks after applying fix

BT netprotect plus

McAfee security centre:

Version: 12.8

Build: 12.8.992

Affld: 691

Last update 03/11/2014

McAfee antivirus and anti spyware

Version: 16.8

Build:  16.8.821

Last update: 06/11/2014

Engine version 2064.0

Engine creation date: 05/11/2014

PC: windows 8.1 (all up to date), about 3 months old.

Sorry can't remember the exact dates but not long after I started using my laptop I had the " scan stuck at 99% error so I applied the patch. All was fine until today, when a scheduled scan started when I was working on my PC and now it is sticking at 99% again (98 on a quick on demand scan).

I don't know if this is relevant but the internet was down when I turned my laptop on and action centre said there was an app crash with McAfee (although McAfee was green with no issues).

MVT said no issues

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Re: scan hangs at 99% again weeks after applying fix

What version of Internet Explorer is installed, you don't need to be using it, but McAfee does?

You applied the fix from the FAQ ?   Maybe try it again?

Scans can sometimes trip due to hard disk-read errors.   Here's a Tutorial on how to check the disk for errors: CHKDSK - Check a Drive for Errors in Windows 8

If all that doesn't help I would contact Technical Support by phone or online chat, it's free of charge and linked below.

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Re: scan hangs at 99% again weeks after applying fix

My IE version is 11 ie 11.JPG

I will try chkdsk and possibly SFC later (got a bit on at the moment).

Do you think it will be safe to apply the fix twice?

MVT has not found anything, it is all green and is updating OK.

One thing was strange was that during the 1st scan (when the issue reappeared) vulnerability scanner ran at the same time is that normal?

Many thanks

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Re: scan hangs at 99% again weeks after applying fix

I don't think it would harm anything to try the fix again.  Regarding Vulnerability Scanner, I guess it was just coincidence that it was run at the same time.  You should maybe turn off it's schedule in PC & Home Network Tools.

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