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Level 7

scan found issues/trojans..but they arent quarantined or deleted

hi, we have had our computer scanned everyday. and everyday the results show two trojans. and the scan says "click details to fix these issues"

when you click on "details" goes to a new screen(on the scan)....but there doesnt seem to be a place to actually hit delete or remove these issues/trojans.

they are listed as: file name C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SODEKEBA.DLL    and     C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\YEPALADI.DLL

it lists these on top of the scan page and also below on the scan page. below it says "I want to..."  ----> then it says "no action required"

there just doesnt seem to show somewhere where i can click to remove what was found.(?)

the main problem seems to be that we get redirected on searches. i can go directly to a web site. but cant seem to click on links from a web search done. also a few strange pop ups. also we you are online, you can be taken off automatically (like you closed the screen)

any help is appreciated. Im not real computer savy. husband is alittle. but he is at work

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Level 14

Re: scan found issues/trojans..but they arent quarantined or deleted

There is a link under Virus and Spyware protection that has some suggestions in dealing with spyware and malware.

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