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..same issue...


and first of all sorry for my poor english. I am located in Germany and have just found this community.

I am experiencing precisely the same problem as mentioned before. Because it is weekend, I am unable to reach the McAfee Technical Support online. So, I hope that somebody has already a solution for the problem explained.

My configuration:

Windows Vista
Security Center 9.0
Virus Scan 13.0
Personal Firewall 10.0
Site Advisor 2.9
Anti Spam 10.0
Parental Controls 11.0
Backup & Restore 3.0

The failure occurs after booting and during "normal work" from time to time. By now it always could be resolved by clicking "repair" (I do not know which wording has been used in the english version because I have the german one.)

Would be great if someone can help....

Thanks and regards
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Level 7

RE: ..same issue...

Hello Thomas,

We are really sorry for the inconvenience, please provide us with the below information:

• Are you getting any kind of error messages stating that McAfee is not fully protected, if so please let us know the exact error message
• How long you are facing this issue?
• Did you make any recent hardware/ software changes to your computer?
• Is your Windows up to date, if not please update them and even install all available optional updates also.
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