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real time scan says off but mcafee still delete files i am running

i have had mcafee for like the last 3 years i have had no problem in the pass untill the new mcafee came out.

i used to just open mcafee and disable the real time scan and that would work

but now the mcafee is tell me that it is the real time scanner is off but when i open the program mcafee delete it with in

a few seconds of me opening (this is when the real time scan is aparently off ) but is clearly not off

how can i stop the real time scan from running with out uninstalling mcafee (which i might just do getting sick of trying to get it to work)

i dont if it is an error or something or i am missing some thing but i hope you can help me get around this i like using and having mcafee

other info that might help

os: windows vista

(i get no errors)

ps and sending the file to mcafee lab will not change anything cos i know its a detected for a reson (lol)

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