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not able to update sdat 5900

i updated sdat5854 last time wen i tried to update wit sdat5900 i am geting the error as to install appropriate update to update sday 5900,so which update should have to update in order to update 5900 and upcoming updates...?

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Re: not able to update sdat 5900

SDATs and the like no longer work with the home products and haven't done so for quite some time.  The only 'manual' method of updating those is right-clicking the taskbar icon and selecting 'Check for Updates'.

The home products must have an internet connection to function.

The latest DAT I have on any of my OS's is 6067 of yesterday's date so yours is hopelessly out of date.

If you are talking about VirusScan Enterprise then you need to start a new thread here:

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