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mcshield.exe hanging with memory usage overranging


Recently (it never happened before), I experienced several hanging cases with my PC, resulting with impossibility to launch any application (IE, word, ACDSee, …). The only way was to switch off the PC and start it again.

My config: Dell XPS 15, 6 GO, Windows 7 64 bits, MSC 11.6.511, VirusScan 15.6.245

I started some analysis of the problem and it appears that the problem was due to mcschield.exe hanging (as declared in Task Manager). In addition, it seems that this appears when the mcshield.exe work memory exceeds the memory allocated for the process (around 220-230 MB which is not a small amount). I saw this at least 2 times.

It was also impossible to kill mcshield.exe process

Regarding mcshield.exe memory and CPU usage, during some hours:

  • I didn’t see abnormal CPU usage, around some % only
  • the memory, from the start of IE (no other applis) goes from 50/60 MB to exceed 200 MB. This in general happens slowly and progressively, even I don’t change the tabs in IE, it looks like a kind of memory leak

Looking in more details in Windows Event Journal, I saw that the “appli error” with mcshield.exe appeared only after I had a Windows automatic update including IE9 going to IE10.

Finally, I decided to revert back to IE9.

From 5 days to now, it seems that I have no more problems (I hope) !

I looked after in the discussions but I didn't find really a description of what I experienced, outside the recurrent high memory/CPU high usage by mcshield.exe. My problems seemed a little bit different.

Is there anyone knowing about compatibility problems between McAfee software(s) and IE10 ?

In addition, I heard also that MSC needs to work with IE, and preferably with the latest version. Are these statements true ?

Any other comments on my problems are welcomed. Thanks.


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