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mcshield.exe causes internet explorer to hang with comet web-page


I hope i've got the correct forum here.

I'm having an issue with internet explorer hanging when using a comet/AJAX web page. It hangs because mcshield.exe hogs all the CPU for ~20secs.

I'm developing a low-latency HTTP text-streaming site using Caplin Liberator. It streams data to the browser using the comet "hidden IFrame" technique as described here:

This all amounts to an html page with thousands of "<script>" tags being saved to Temporary Internet Files. It takes ~20 secs to scan a 1MB file and this hangs the browser.

If i scan the file manually it says that it finds 9,000+ objects and takes 20 seconds. When i scan the file with other anti-virus programs it takes a fraction of a second.

The 20 second hang in internet explorer is not good enough to a low latency browser application.

Is there a reason why it takes 20 seconds to scan a file with 9,000 script tags in it?

I can't exclude scanning for files as i expect the web-page to be usable by anyone that comes to the site.

I've got a sample web page that you can test, but i dont seem to be able to upload it to this post.

Thanks for your help

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RE: mcshield.exe causes internet explorer to hang with comet web-page

Hi Richard,

Can I have the version of McAfee Products installed on your computer? If possible please try to run the McAfee Virtual Technician as the steps mentioned below:

1.Click on the following link now you would get a file download security warning click on save and save it to the desktop.
2.Now click on ‘Run’ on the next window which would open the McAfee Virtual Technician.
3.Click on ‘Continue’ which would give you the End User License Agreement click on ‘I Agree’.
4.Now the McAfee Virtual Technician would start scanning your computer.
5.Once the scanning is done on the top right corner you would have the Session ID make a note of it.
6.Now if it gives you an ‘Auto Fix’ option please go-ahead and try to resolve the issue or if it gives any message make a note of it.
Please get back to me with the session ID so that I can have a look at your session and check all the necessary details about the products.


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