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mcods.exe process remains after scan done

After doing an on demand scan the mcods.exe process remains on the task list sucking up 100KB+ of memory. It would be logical for the process to be shut down upon completion.

Is this just poor coding on McAfee's part or is there a problem... if it is, can it be resolved.

Never noticed this on my previous setup, XP, but just got new machine with W7 and noticed it.


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Re: mcods.exe process remains after scan done

Hi ahuizi,

This can happen in cases where the computer manages to have one or more security programs and if in new computers it could be a glitch which should be resolved automatically in a next update. Yet, could you please provide some more additional inforamtion on this like;

How old is the (Xp) computer ?

Please check whether there exists any other security software remnant in add/remove programs (or) in C:/program files & common files

Click about in security center and let me know the version of virus scan ?


Dinesh K

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Re: mcods.exe process remains after scan done

To clarify, the XP machine was the previous one, with which I had no problems. It was about 3 years old.

The problem is in the new machine, about 30 days old, running W7.

The only other security program is Malawarbytes Anti Malaware, which I run on demand, i.e. not a background process.

Virus Scan is 13.15.113


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