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mcafee gets broken or disabled about once per month

this is a regular occurrence on my machine. I try to avoid any suspicous sites and simply use the internet for research and downloading programs I need. makes no difference. mcafee at random times on my machine gets disabled,gets the realtime scanner turned off, or the firewall turned off,or something else turned off, orallof the above, and MVT can't fix it. I just installed mcafee.  again.

mcafee unsuccessfully and repeatedly tries to remove leaktest.exe from system restore. it's something I downloaded once a long time ago from and since deleted, but I guess mcafee has decicded to flag.

I am heavily thinking about switching to Norton...

anyway, nothing has changed in the many years I have been using mcafee.

I wonder sometimes why I have been taking it this long.

I will try 2012 (yet another reinstall) and see what happens.

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