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mcafee anti virus plus for 2012?

Hi never had mcafee because the last time i tried it It gave me quite a few false postitives..2009...also  i read the malware clean up and blocking was weak

any experience with the 2012 version appreciated..also i have XP with 1gb of ram and a intel 2.66ghz CPU..runs great with norton which is expiring real soon..a little slower when i tried Kaspersky,,So any feedback apprecieated


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Re: mcafee anti virus plus for 2012?

False positives can always be cleared up pretty quickly by submitting them.  See:

I'm sure that Norton have a similar mechanism for false positives as all antivirus software can make mistakes.

The 2012 products haven't even been put into public beta testing yet.

You can sign on for the beta testing if you wish but it is only the 2011 version at present that shows on the download link.

It shouldn't be too much longer before 2012 is available on those servers.

The actual public release wont be until next Spring I would imagine.

You may see retail products that have been relabeled to 2012 earlier than that.  That is simply a marketing ploy adopted by the industry as a whole.

What's inside is actually 2011 but as anyone with a current subscription automatically gets 2012 anyway it is irrelevant.



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