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how do you create password zip files?


I submitted what I thought were password protected zip file created using .7z

The total file was 35+MB so I had 3 files of about 10MB and 1 file for the remainder.  My first file I'm pretty sure was password protected, but I got a response that it wasn't.  I thought maybe the each archived sub file had to be protected and I then proceeded to do that and resubmit.  Only to be told again, no password

So can someone tell me how to do it, because 7z asks for a password to open at least the first of the 4 files, so I'm unclear on the remaining files.

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Re: how do you create password zip files?


Follow the below steps to create a password for 7zip files. Below pictures will help you in this regard.

1. Right click on the files or folder you wish to compress and encrypt

password creation in 7zip.png
2. Firstly change the Archive format to Zip (or use 7z if both you and your intended recipient use 7zip), then change the encryption method to the robust AES-256, thirdly enter your password. Then click OK. The rest of the options can be left as default.

password creation in 7zip-1.png