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full scan crashes after latest update

After running an update early this afternoon aug 11 Mcafee Internet Security wont complete a full scan. It will run for 2 or 3 minutes and then it locks up and crashes. I noticed the update took a lot longer than usual (over 10 min) to complete.  I have been able to get a quick scan to complete but it took longer than usual. In fact everything I click on the console seems to take longer to come up than it did before this update. The whole thing seems real sluggish. I already downloaded the latest version of McAfee Virtual Technician and ran it. It found a couple of problems and corrected them.  However my problem still remains. I want to add also I just ran a full scan last night before doing this update and all worked fine as usual. Any thoughts about whats going on here?

Im thinking about uninstalling McAfee, downloading it again and reinstalling it. If I do this is going through windows

programs and features the best way to uninstall it or is there better way?

Here is some other information that may be useful.

Operating System: Windows Vista

From About Link In McAfee Console

McAfee SecurityCenter
Version: 12.8
Build: 12.8.310
Affld: 0-1282
Last Update: 8/11/2013

McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
Version: 16.8
Build: 16.8.158
Last Update: 8/11/2013
Engine version: 1614.0
Engine creation date: 8/11/2013

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Re: full scan crashes after latest update

Probably best to do what you suggest if it acts the same way evan after a reboot.  Uninstall vie Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program (important to always take that step if possible because it decrements the online account), then run the MCPR cleanup tool, reboot and reinstall from the online account.   It certainly looks like thart update got corrupted somehow.

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