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automatic remove of malware

I tested the trial version of McAfee Total Protection 2009. If McAfee detects malware it will automatic remove it.
But I would like to choose what will happen with malware (because of false positves).
So is there a possibiliy to let the user decide what to do with malware (interactive mode).
I want to buy McAfee Total Protection 2009 if it has this feature.
Who can help? I don' t want that McAfee removes files without my permission.
Sorry for my bad English
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RE: automatic remove of malware

McAfee won't allow you to keep what it detects, even if it is a false positive.

Regarding false positives you can send McAfee the detection/file, and they may issue you an extra.dat so it won't be detected anymore, but that's the best you can get with McAfee.

Of course, there is always the possibility that McAfee will claim that the false positive is a real infection.

On the bright side, McAfee has relatively few false positives.
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