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ZeroAccess & ComboFix

McAfee said quarantined zeroaccess time and time again, but never eliminated the problem. My issue was more related to the Internet rootkit trojan. Searched for many hours on Sunday, then decided to go to cnet and down load combofix. Ran it last night, taking about 30 minutes. NOW, my IE is running with great speed and no warning messages.

Hope this helps, Judy

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Re: ZeroAccess & ComboFix

I branched your reply to the other poster's question Judy because it's a completely different type of infection (I think. I'll check on that). As for ComboFix .... the forums such as BleepingComputer that deal with ComboFix all say that it's not a good idea to run it unless you're under the supervision of someone who knows the utility well. If your problem is fixed then all well and good, but I'd go and ask in one of those forums just to make sure.

Ex_Brit has listed some of the forums in "Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools"  (where he also notes that RootkitRemover is supposed to deal with ZeroAccess).

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