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Level 7

Wish List

It would be helpful and nice if a future version could include the ability to schedule custom scans. This would be a big plus for users who have backup disks etc which do not need to be scanned.

At the moment there are only two options. Remember to pull out all the drives not required prior to a scheduled full scan (which defeats the purpose of running a schedule) or elect to do a manual custom scan with a calendar reminder. I have opted for the latter as it is easier but at the same time makes shedule ability in McAfee completely useless.
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Level 20

RE: Wish List

Added this thought to the new beta 2010 product wish list I sent to the beta manager for discussion.

I agree handy as can skip drives you do not want scanned . We also pushed to get the skipping of scanning folders/files that we do not want scanned.
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