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Will Not Run - Someone from McAfee Please Answer This!

I posted the following a week ago and then scanned using Stinger as requested but still no response...

My stinger results are attached.  Please review and let me know how to proceed.



None of the McAfee services will run....the virtual techician found 11 problems! It can't fix the processes and services errors.  None of applications will run!  Not VirusScanPlus, Security Center, Firewall, etc.!  McAfee what is wrong????  Then I go to the on line chat but the continually hangs!!! I am ready to demand my money back and buy something else!

What can I do???

My session ID 23649159



it's possible you have some malware on your machine, as many malware authors will include code to disable AV software as part of the payload. can you download our free stinger tool, run it on your machine with artemis enabled on 'very high' an with it set to 'report only', then post the report up on this thread so we can take a look.



Samantha Price
Security Awareness Community Leader
McAfee Labs

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Re: Will Not Run - Someone from McAfee Please Answer This!

Hi dwchr,

I have requested for some additonal information in your original thread . Please reply to it here :


Dinesh K

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