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Why does Total Protection 2010 run slow, slow wirless but ok when wired?

Hello,  I just purchased McAfee Total Protection 2010.  In installed it on my laptop that is running XP Home Edition SP3. I am connected by wireless.  I have no other virus or anti-spam software on my machine.  My processor is 1.8GB and I have 142GB free space.

When I try to go to a website the connection is slow, slow, slwo.  Did I mention it was slow!  Almost unusabel.  Some sites will load after 3 or 4 minutes and some will not load at all.  However, if I disabable the wireless connection and enable the local (wired) connection, everything seems fine.

Have talked to four Technical Service people and most say contact my internet provider.  Before I chase that rabbit, I will return the product.

Can anyone suggest what I might do to get good wireless service using the above software?


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