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Why does McAfee always start scanning when I log on?

I've had McAfee for years on my desktop and installed it on my laptop last December.  The laptop is fine, but as soon as I "wake" the desktop, it either says it will start a scan in 60 seconds or it is already scanning and its progress is always 78%.  It freezes everything and takes several tries to cancel the scan.  It is already tasked to scan every night at 2 AM, so I cannot figure out why it's doing this.  Any help?

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Re: Why does McAfee always start scanning when I log on?

well scheduled scan rarely starts on time that could be the issue . Does it usually san on time and does it scan when the desktop is hiberinated?

I can give u a fix for the starting on time issue. The scanning when waking could be caused by the scan not starting

there is a boot scan option but the default is minimal scanning.

Is the 78% showing stuck on same file? You can exclude certain large zipped and avi files from scheduled scan settings.

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