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Why do you refuse to add an exclude file option?

Your antivirus has to be the most annoying ever with all the false positives it detects. I have a certain driver that have have to turn off your antivirus to install and use then uninstall it after use to avoid it being detected by your antivirus. Why can I not have an option to just exclude this file instead of giving me headache everytime I need to use said driver. Don't reply saying use webimmune either been there done that and months later still in the same boat. Why do you just flat out refuse to offer your customers any options I just dont get it are you that doubtfull in your software to detect real threats you make it detect everything threat or not? Users should have an option to eclude what ever files they see fit instead of making a simple 5 min project into a 20 minute headache. If we have to agree to an opt out file saying nothing comes back on you then so be it but give us the exclude option.

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Re: Why do you refuse to add an exclude file option?

We Moderators agree wholeheartedly with you and have suggested that this feature be reintroduced for years.    It is still a feature of VirusScan Enterprise but was removed from the consumer version with the introduction of VirusScan 8 some years ago.

We will continue to lobby for it to be reintroduced.

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