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Why cant you simply add false positives?

To be honest i was really enjoying this software but i cant find anywhere on the security centre that allows me to add programs im sure are safe to a "trust list". Am i missing something? I googled it and it said something about submitting files and appeals process?

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Re: Why cant you simply add false positives?

Hi theslipdigby,

                   Please refer to this thread and discussion. It is my understanding that this feature (may) be re-introduced in the upcoming version.



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Re: Why cant you simply add false positives?

I personally do not like the trust idea as too many users rather than thinking if the file actually could have been infected somehow would just trust it. However that said it is being considered for a later upgrade of the 13.0 version.

I would at least run the file at to see what the other scanners think.

If you want the file cleared you follow

reply to the email reply you get changing the subject to False+ve and name of detection and say why you think it is ok and where the file comes from. If safe the file should be cleared in 4-5 days if not post back here with rthe analysis id that email has and I will get a tech to fix it.

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